In my work, I use the figurine as a vehicle to explore my notion of home.
The illustrations on my figures are personal memories of places, objects, and
actions. Using snapshots from my past, I create emotionally honest imagery that is at
once specific to me and openly relatable to others. I provide the viewer with these
images and no explanation, instead inviting the viewer to imagine their own

The clothing of my figures are inspired by past art historical periods, including
Rococo and Baroque. Women in these periods were ornamented and objectified. By
employing fashions from these eras, I hope to convey femininity, decoration, and a
sense of past.

The material and forms of my figures reference porcelain figurines, and I see
them as symbols of tangible memory. They reference Precious Moments characters on
my childhood bookshelf, my grandmother’s Royal Doulton “Balloon Man” safely behind
her curio cabinet’s glass doors, jumping dolphins from the Dollar Tree on the mantle at
a friend’s house, and Meissen ladies lit by spotlight and protected by glass in art

In this body of work, each figure represents a woman who has been an influence
in my life. They are friends, family members, teachers, historical icons, and fictional
characters. I have taken strong memories of each of these women and made them into
decorative objects. With this body of work, my memories and emotions can last as
tangible objects rather than ephemeral thoughts.

-Sara E. Morales-Morgan, November 2014