Jim's Tile Cutters: Hand-made wood and stainless steel tile cutters for wet ceramic clay
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What's a tile cutter?

Jim's Tile Cutters are used for cutting tiles out of wet clay. They come in two sizes, and they are hand-made from wood and stainless steel.


How do they work?

Three simple steps

Anyone can use Jim's Tile Cutters, from pros to new artists.

1. Press into clay, 2. Remove and slide up, 3. Voila! Easy tiles!

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How much?

Where can I get them?

We currently ship to U.S. customers only. Be sure to double-check your shipping address when ordering.

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Who is Jim?

Jim's Tile Cutters are hand-made by Jim, a hobby craftsman living in Alabama and father to a ceramic artist. She needed a tile cutter but could not find one on the market to suit her needs, so he built one for her. Now he builds them in his spare time to serve other artists, too.